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MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual

Including MySQL Cluster NDB 7.3-7.4 Reference Guide


This is the MySQL™ Reference Manual. It documents MySQL 5.6 through 5.6.29, as well as MySQL Cluster releases based on versions 7.3 and 7.4 of NDB through 5.6.27-ndb-7.3.12 and 5.6.27-ndb-7.4.9, respectively.

MySQL 5.6 features. This manual describes features that are not included in every edition of MySQL 5.6; such features may not be included in the edition of MySQL 5.6 licensed to you. If you have any questions about the features included in your edition of MySQL 5.6, refer to your MySQL 5.6 license agreement or contact your Oracle sales representative.

For notes detailing the changes in each release, see the MySQL 5.6 Release Notes.

For legal information, see the Legal Notices.

For help with using MySQL, please visit either the MySQL Forums or MySQL Mailing Lists, where you can discuss your issues with other MySQL users.

For additional documentation on MySQL products, including translations of the documentation into other languages, and downloadable versions in variety of formats, including HTML and PDF formats, see the MySQL Documentation Library.

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Table of Contents     [+/-]

Preface and Legal Notices
1 General Information     [+/-]
2 Installing and Upgrading MySQL     [+/-]
3 Tutorial     [+/-]
4 MySQL Programs     [+/-]
5 MySQL Server Administration     [+/-]
6 Security     [+/-]
7 Backup and Recovery     [+/-]
8 Optimization     [+/-]
9 Language Structure     [+/-]
10 Globalization     [+/-]
11 Data Types     [+/-]
12 Functions and Operators     [+/-]
13 SQL Statement Syntax     [+/-]
14 The InnoDB Storage Engine     [+/-]
15 Alternative Storage Engines     [+/-]
16 High Availability and Scalability     [+/-]
17 Replication     [+/-]
18 MySQL Cluster NDB 7.3 and MySQL Cluster NDB 7.4     [+/-]
19 Partitioning     [+/-]
20 Stored Programs and Views     [+/-]
21 INFORMATION_SCHEMA Tables     [+/-]
22 MySQL Performance Schema     [+/-]
23 Connectors and APIs     [+/-]
24 Extending MySQL     [+/-]
25 MySQL Enterprise Edition     [+/-]
26 MySQL Workbench
A MySQL 5.6 Frequently Asked Questions     [+/-]
B Errors, Error Codes, and Common Problems     [+/-]
C Restrictions and Limits     [+/-]
MySQL Glossary
D Licenses for Third-Party Components     [+/-]
General Index
C Function Index
Command Index
Function Index
Join Types Index
Operator Index
Option Index
Privileges Index
SQL Modes Index
Statement/Syntax Index
Status Variable Index
System Variable Index
Transaction Isolation Level Index